Old Fashion Goats Milk Lard Soap Choose Your Scent

Old Fashion Goats Milk Lard Soap Choose Your Scent


Please Choose Your Scent

Good old fashion soap made with a creamy blend of lard and vegetable oils for a bathing treat! This soap has fluffy bubbles that feel like silk gliding over your skin.

Lard soaps were common in times long past when people lived off the land and used all resources available to them. Lard was readily available and was a perfect choice for soap since it's close to our own skin in that it is a saturated fat.

A variety of choices are available in my lard soap and it happens to be a favorite of mine! Check out Soap and Scent Profiles for a full description of each choice.

My lard soaps are:

  • handmade in small batches to ensure consistent quality

  • made with creamy lard and a blend of vegetable oils for a luxorious skin treat

  • sulfate and preservative free

  • free of added surfactants and detergents

  • may have skin safe micas for color

  • better for your skin

  • a natural humectant

  • bars are 3.75 oz or more

For a long lasting bar please keep your handmade soap out of water streams and pooled water. Use a draining soap dish to keep your handmade goat's milk soap dry between use.

*Please note due to the handmade process, your soap may look slightly different than the one pictured.

Thanks for shopping handmade, skin loving, natural soap by The Bathing Goddess