About Me, The Bathing Goddess

Lover of handmade goods, mother of five, wife, a dreamer with many passions.

I've turned my love for handmade soaps into a quest to show the rest of the world the beautiful difference of true, skin loving soap.

After my son was born I sought more information on healing dry skin from eczema as two of my daughters suffer from it. The liquid gold that is mother's milk was a top contender and since I was nursing my son, the information couldn't have come at a better time. Using my own milk and skin loving oils, I made soap for my girls to help their itchy, dry skin.

I learned to make soap using goat's milk and nearly all my soap contains it. I started with simple recipes found in books and online, then was brave enough to create my own recipes once I had the foundation of making soap.

The empowered feeling I gained during my son's first year of life and the abillity to create beautiful, simple, natural goat's milk soap led me to The Bathing Goddess.

I hope you find the perfect, handmade soap for yourself here!