Olive Oil Balms Gentle Skin Conditioning

Olive Oil Balms Gentle Skin Conditioning


Gentle skin conditioning is made by possible with this olive oil balm! Olive oil is a mild, skin emollient, great for babies to mature adults. A simple moisturizer without added chemicals or preservatives.

Jewelweed Infused Olive Oil Balm- The olive oil has been infused with jewelweed for weeks in the sun to gently heat infuse the oil with the natural qualities jewelweed offers. Great for itchy, irritated skin as this is unscented and without harsh additives causing further inflammation.

Refresh Peppermint Olive Oil Balm- Add some pep to your step with this peppermint olive oil balm. Gentle skin conditioning plus the refreshing coolness of peppermint. Love by many with headaches and to kickstart your day!

Relax Lavender Olive Oil Balm- The calming scent of fresh lavender can be a relaxing haven.

You will receive one 4 oz tin of olive oil balm infused with jewelweed in a metal tin.

Please keep out of direct sunlight and extreme heat. (Balm may melt in temps over 125 degrees.)